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The Cross Heels Ground Driven Roping Dummy has an innovative design that gives both header and heeler a great way to practice. Our easy use products give ropers a realistic and practical way to practice their skills – not only for the roper but their horse as well.

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Sled Roping Dummy Model

$2,600.00 CAN
This model is simple, lightweight and includes the quick release horns and feet so both the header and heeler can dally while practicing!

Ground Driven Dummy Model

$3,100.00 CAN
This model has the same quick release horns and feet, with the added benefit of the “hop” so heelers can practice their timing!

Breakaway Dummy $1,800.00 CAN

Standing Legs $450 CAN

Kids Roping Dummy $650 CAN

Roping Chute $3,600 CAN

Lead Up Chute $2,300 CAN

Stripping Chute $1,800 CAN

Shipping or delivery is available in Canada!

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