About Cross Heels

The Cross Heels is a revolutionary roping dummy that allows even the most elite ropers to tune up their skills. This dummy not only makes you rope sharp by letting you ride wide on the steer, but it also keeps your timing intact on the heels, making it difficult to rope out of time.


The Steer Roping Steer (3 wheels)

$3,500 CAN
This innovative design allows the header to dally on solid horns and handle the roping dummy as it breaks away from the quad to give you the most realistic practice!

Sled Roping Dummy Model

$2300.00 CAN
This model is simple, lightweight and includes the quick release horns and feet so both the header and heeler can dally while practicing!

Ground Driven Dummy Model

$2400.00 CAN
This model has the same quick release horns and feet, with the added benefit of the “hop” so heelers can practice their timing!

Breakaway Dummy $1,600

Standing Legs $400

Kids Roping Dummy $600

Roping Chute $2,800

Lead Up Chute $2,100

Stripping Chute $1,600

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Available Machines

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